Lindsi Dec

Soloist Dancer, Pacific Northwest Ballet:
"Love using it!!!!"

Lesley Rausch

Soloist Dancer, Pacific Northwest Ballet:
"Great for stretching and pushups."

Todd Durkin

2005-ACE Personal Trainer Of The Year:
"Great for explosive calves--I'll have ALL my pro athletes use it."

Chad Eaton

NFL Seattle Seahawks, Nose Tackle:
"Best stretch and contraction I have ever felt on my calves. All the guys love it."

Tim Ennis

Owner, Ironworks Gym:
"Calf and shin training on the same piece of equipment. Now that’s happening."

Dawn Hunter

Doctor of Chiropractic Kinesiology:
"This is a special piece of equipment: an absolute must."

Joe Kobor

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder 1995 Mr. Hungary:
"It’s great, so easy to use and the pump I got was amazing."

Erik Norwood

 Physical Therapist:
"I use it on patients regularly at my clinic; everyone loves it, so easy and smooth."

Johnny Underwood

1993, 95, 96 NAT Team Aerobic Champion:
"Sleek, light, affordable and multi-functional."

Eric Wilson

M.S. PT, Exercise Physiologist:
"You can fully extend the feet without undue stress in the joints of the toes, and the round cylinder makes it very comfortable during the flexion phase of the movement on the bottom of the foot."

Mick McCulley

Manager Gold's Gym, Seattle WA:
"One of the most effective ways to train your calves--it is constantly used in all our clubs."