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The CALFROLLER™ is a round cylinder footrest whose patented design allows a greater contraction and a more comfortable stretch than any other calf/lower leg training device in the world.

What's more, the CALFROLLER™ is the only cross-tension push-up system on the market; safer and more effective than regular push-up handles!

The CALFROLLER™ offers a great hand/wrist support while doing ab work and conditioning exercises.

The CALFROLLER™ patented lightweight, hollow steel design allows you to move it anywhere for training and storage.

For commercial gym or home use, everyone who owns a CALFROLLER™ raves about its ease of use, its strengthening properties, and the improvements in the appearance of their calves and lower leg muscles.

CALFROLLER™ is definitely a product for every fitness enthusiast.

Mark Lovat - Greenbay Packers strength and conditioning coordinator said
"Frankie we love these and could use 8 more!"
Used for Aaron Rodgers calf rehabilitation.