Cross Tension Push-ups

The most effective push-up system on the planet for working your chest and triceps!

One of the main functions of the chest is to squeeze your arms inward or together. Regular two piece push-up handles–like those most commonly found in gyms–will ‘collapse’ if you squeeze inward while pushing up. You could easily injure yourself attempting this!

Because of the CALFROLLER™'s center crossbar support, you have the stability needed to squeeze or flex inward while pushing up at the same time.


Flex or push in while pushing up for more complete chest development. Keep elbows flared out while squeezing in as you push up. Keep elbows close to sides for more tricep work.


This position gives your triceps an incredible workout, and simultaneously works your chest muscles.

Moving your elbows slightly wider or closer will change where you mainly feel it, working from the outer tricep to the inner tricep.